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AlliedSignal Develops New EGPWS, Display for General Aviation Market

AlliedSignal Aerospace will produce a new Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) about the size of a paperback novel. It's designed specifically for the general aviation market, to provide terrain protection for private planes and other GA aircraft.

The yet-to-be-named unit will be low-cost at "less than $10,000." AlliedSignal's other EGPWS products are considerably more expensive and target different markets.

The Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS are designed for large air transport planes and large business jets. These list for $68,000. The Mark VI EGPWS lists for $23,900 and is aimed at the regional airlines and smaller business jets and turboprops.

Because of its size, the EGPWS won't come with a display, although the box will work with other displays that are compatible. The company says a display based on a future Skyforce product will be offered soon. The new EGPWS will weigh about 1.5 pounds.

The EGPWS will, however, depict hazardous terrain while providing voice commands such as "pull up" and "don't sink." It will require minimal inputs from a global positioning system (GPS) and an encoding altimeter. A built-in GPS will be offered as an option.

First production deliveries of the new general aviation EGPWS are expected by early next year.

Controlled flight into terrain is still the leading cause of aircraft fatalities worldwide. AlliedSignal Aerospace Avionics & Lighting president Frank Daly says his plan is to put the EGPWS system within reach of nearly everyone who flies.

AlliedSignal says it's developing another product for the general aviation market - a new multifunction display (MFD) called the Bendix/King KMD 150.

The KMD 150 is a 5-inch color display developed for piston and light turbine aircraft. The MFD will have the ability to show geographic maps, navigation data, weather imagery and airport information using inputs from either built-in or separate GPS.

"Pilots have told us they want a product that provides increased situational awareness, flexibility and most importantly, ease of use. The KMD 150 provides a variety of customizable moving-map modes that display the aircraft in relation to its surroundings," said Dan Barks, director, general aviation marketing for AlliedSignal Aerospace Avionics & Lighting.

The system can be used two different ways. A pilot who often flies under instrument flight rules (IFR) can interface the KMD 150 with a compatible IFR-certified LORAN or GPS. When so interfaced, the KMD 150 will automatically display the active flight plan. A pilot flying solely under visual flight rules (VFR) can choose the optional built-in GPS receiver.

The KMD 150 integrates technology acquired from the Skyforce product line, which AlliedSignal purchased earlier this year. The KMD 150 will also be priced at less than $10,000.

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